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Friday, June 17, 2011

What Obama Will Never Say

  1. We will fight against corporate taxes; if corporations don't employ or serve us, we don't pay them!
  2. Corporations are legally people; let them shut down for underpaid jury duty & pay 91% for earnings over $1B to help with our $14T debt and our $3T wars.
  3. We support our troops; let's get them home by Christmas.
  4. Let's start a counterinsurgency at home, overwhelming our real enemies with superior numbers not just the best technology we can import from China.  That means erasing ignorance with well-paid union teachers and assistants and librarians.  That includes healing the sick and infirm with doctors and nurses and chiropractors who concentrate on their art and not on their college loans.  This means training them in the U.S.A.; Uncle Sam can cover medical costs for 5% overhead instead of the private sector's 25%.
  5. We can clear the streets of the homeless not with the same police actions that cities do before their Super Bowl games but by treating our most vulnerable military veterans for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury and other sufferings.  That lets us help the others with counseling and food stamps and subsidized housing; this small cost is nothing compared to the injustice of our neighbors being poor and helpless in the midst of the world's wealthiest nation.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Saving America in Ten Steps by 1/1/2017

  1. End all subsidies of oil and coal, offering single-payer solar panels to homes for residents if not owners.
  2. Raise the hourly minimum wage from $7.25 in 2011 to $10 by 2014 (1968 level) to $15 by 2017.
  3. Outlaw private money to finance elections, giving $1/voter/election, whether primary or runoff or general.
  4. Put cigarette-style warning labels on foods with high fructose syrup or aspartame, both known poisons.
  5. Erase the $106.800 annual income cap taxable by Social Security, letting billionaires pay.
  6. Every February, offer free monthly passes for mass transit; cost efficiency is addictive.
  7. Raise the top marginal income tax rates (including capital gains):  35% = $¼M+, 39% = $½M+, 50% = $1M+, 74% = $20M+, 91% = $1B+.
  8. Provide single-payer education and healthcare, in exchange for 2 years military or 3 years other service.
  9. Erase NAFTA & GATT to allow Mexico and Haiti to grow their own food and jobs.
  10. Give $250/week or $13,000/year tax-free to all who served in Iraq or Afghanistan (not O-5 and up.)