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Monday, May 21, 2018

@WalshFreedom What the Right cannot understand, despite the warning of @RumsfeldOffice, is that you cannot kill your way out of problems.  Providing enough hospitals and schools will reduce the number of prisons and homeless shelters that you need.
Poor women are more vulnerable to trading sex to get or keep employment, as seen in the @DianeSawyer special.  The @HarveyWeinstein scandal proved even @AngelinaJolie, @MiraSorvino and @GwynethPaltrow were not exempt from harm, despite their famous actor fathers. #AbstinenceOnly?

Sunday, May 20, 2018

@GlennaOn10 #TWISF Will the rising price of oil help #Venezuela fix the mistakes of #2008 when @MorganStanley cornered the market and its wealth was discarded?  Not everyone loves @Publix and its shrinking workforce. Will the #MegaMall bus terminal be like the one in @AventuraMall?   #BackInTheUSSR
@ThisWeekAbc @DanPatrick Pay teachers $100K, and give them $50K assistants, if you want to certify them as armed guards, while they cope with above-average poverty in #Texas.  #TeachersArePartOfaWellRegulatedMilitia?
@FoxNewsSunday @OliverLNorth Did @OliverNorthNRA sign your DVD of @AmMadeMovie where his persona tries to frame #Nicaragua in the #WarOnDrugs?  What does President #DanielOrtega say?  #FNS

Friday, May 18, 2018

@StephMillerShow @SecretaryPerry knew about #HPV a dozen years ago, promoting the use of #Guardicil among preteens in #Texas.  #SmShow @progvoice @freespeechtv 

Thursday, May 17, 2018

@Jeopardy @Avengers as an an answer is incomplete, compared to #MarvelsAvengers.  #Romans did not absorb the #Etruscans; those were the #Latins.